Art Grant Writing’s mission is to assist individuals, smaller 501(c)(3)s, and state registered non-profits obtain funding to support their projects in the visual, literary, and performing arts. We work collaboratively with our clients to turn their concepts into a well-crafted grant proposal that is logical and innovative while strictly adhering to the funder’s guidelines. We strive to be simple, fast, and affordable.


When considering applying for grants to fund projects in the arts it is important to locate funders whose priorities align with the strategic goals of the project. Unfortunately creating art for art’s sake is not likely to secure grant money. Funders look for projects that produce clear outcomes and lasting benefits for the communities they serve. Art Grant Writing has the expertise to articulate a need and its immediacy as well as the specific, measurable ways the project will address it.

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SIMPLE – FAST- AFFORDABLE   This is Art Grant Writing’s commitment to you. Please take a few moments to tell us a little about your project in the arts. We will rspond promptly and together we will craft a compelling case to secure the funding you need to make your project a success

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