Art Grant Writing (AGW) was established to assist  individuals, smaller 501(c)(3)s, and state registered non-profits who need funding for their projects in the visual, literary and performing arts. We work with Corporations as well as Independent, Community, Operating, and Family Foundations with funds allocated to such projects.  The way to make this connection is through a grant proposal.  Writing the grant proposal is neither a creative nor academic exercise.  It is  rather a document of persuasion best handled by a professional with proven expertise.

 Writing a grant proposal for the arts can be a tedious and frustrating endeavor.  Art for art’s sake is not a compelling enough argument. Funders require that the money they award will have a specific, positive impact on the communities they serve.  Art Grant Writing understands this challenge and will work collaboratively with you to develop a customized solution.  The process begins with an in depth client assessment.  Here AGW will assist you in defining the project by organizing:

  • Recent, strong data to support the need for your project
  • Your response that clearly addresses the need you uncovered
  • The process you will use the measure the success of your project
  • Your initial budget and funding needed

Armed with this information AGW will craft a well written, persuasive proposal paying strict attention to all funder guidelines.

Finding financial support for your project in the arts requires time, patience, and perseverance.  You need to concentrate on the creative aspects of your project.  Let Art Grant Writing be your simple. fast, and affordable solution for the rest.